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self portait 2016I, Joanna,  am a holistic sports nutrition coach, intuitive healer, problem solver and a former competitive athlete

I have been an athlete since childhood.  I was not always competitive and I wasn’t good at every sport, but pretty good at most of them.  I was hungry for information and ways to do things better.  I wanted to have fun, and fixing things was fun as was athletics – team and solo sports.

I have always been that person people come to for a ‘fix’ or solution to their problem.  To me, it was easy to listen and ask questions to find out what was really the issue.  Then find a solution to the ‘problem’.  This came in handy when I was in sales, too!  I loved uncovering what the real problem was, then offer solutions.

It wasn’t until February of 2000 when I was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion, also known as chronic fatigue, that I had to learn how to fix my problem – MY body wasn’t working.  I wasn’t like the dolls I took apart and rebuilt with rubber bands and paper clips to make them work they way I wanted.

I had to re-learn and re-connect with what made me happy physically, mentally and spiritually.  I had to change what I was eating, how I was eating it, take a lot of supplements to replenish the nutrients I depleted.  I had to re-connect with God, too and yoga helped me feel centered and grounded.

I needed to reconnect with what made me happy, and stop using my athleticism to run away from being myself or ‘running’ away from stress.  Sports is where I connected with stillness.  It was where I got praise.  So I kept doing more to run away from the stress, until the sports were stressing me out, too and my body started to shut itself down.

In 1999, I finished the inaugural Ironman USA in Lake Placid in 11:52 hours even with severe dehydration on the run.  I had 5 IV’s that night and an overnight hospital stay because of the dehydration.  I can tell you, I felt great the next day…but I was well on my way to illness and being severely out of balance and depleted in my body, my mind and soul.  I didn’t know how to stop and just kept on going….like a car running on fumes for 3 months trying to maintain 60 mph.  But I was on fumes.

5 months after that Ironman, I was unable to get out of bed, sleeping 11 hours per day, dragging through each day and unable to finish even simple tasks without my heart rate spiking and not being able to remember anything.  I was now like the walking dead but my mind wanted to keep going.  I was totally disconnected mentally from my physical body.

Looking back, I was depleted from all the stress (new job, restricted diet for candida, training for IM, new home, stolen car and end of a seemingly perfect relationship, etc).  My monthly cycle stopped.  I couldn’t sleep.  I was wired and tired and I was not eating right – I was eating Clif bars and coffee to maintain energy for the next workouts.

I had no idea how my doctor was going to ‘put me back together’ nor did I know.  But nutrition was a key part, and knowing that the stress was cumulative and needed to stop.

I learned about juicing to replenish nutrients quickly.
I learned about balancing blood sugar to repair and optimize my health.
I tried raw, I tried gluten free and many other things to find what works for me and my body.
I learned how to honor my bodies need for rest, yoga and that occasional day off.
I learned how to start loving me and all aspects of me and how to laugh and be happy again.
I learned how to calm the fears and anxiety in my head and connect with me and my hearts dreams.

Some new nutrition plans worked, some did not, some were a pain to maintain.  By trying all sorts of things, and continuing to be curious, I learned how I could rebuild my depleted body and get back to what I loved to do.  I learned what was right for me.  Now I wanted to help others find what is right for them!

I then knew I wanted to share my knowledge and experience of nutrition therapy and spiritual grounding with others.  I started Nutrition in Motion in 2004 to help others learn how to heal using real food nutrition, energy work and essential oils and love doing what I do!  I find soulutions for whatever ails you 🙂

In 2014, I was diagnosed with a degenerating hip needing a joint replacement.

I was in pain….a lot.  Using Nutrition Response Testing and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, I was able to go into surgery pain free.  I incorporated The Path To Heal energy work and essential oils to heal the emotional issues contributing to the pain.

My mission is to help uncover the real reason your body is out of balance, in pain, tired, stressed or suffering with GI Distress. I will find the the real cause and solution for you specifically that you can implement as easily as possible. I can help reconnect you to what your body needs intuitively.
I want you to Love yourself unconditionally and live life happy and in balance.

We only have one life, why not add life to those years!

Allow me to be your partner in health – body, mind, spirit and sport!

hugs, xo


To schedule an appointment, call Joanna at 215-272-6774.

Phone and email coaching sessions are available in addition to in person (local Bucks and Montgomery county and Philadelphia area only for in-person sessions).  Credit cards and PayPal accepted.



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