Metabolic Efficiency

The healthier way to burn fat without dieting.

If you eat a standard ‘athlete’s diet, or the Standard American Diet then you are probably having a hard time reaching your weight goal.  And you are always hungry and feeling deprived.  You train a lot, so why are you still struggling with getting lean?

Let me rework your nutrition plan so you teach your body to burn fat, lose the extra weight and gain speed.
Eat what is best for you and as much as you need intuitively.  Daily treats can be included.

Get lean, get fast and get ahead of your competition with Metabolic Efficiency!

ePI Level I METS HMP JPEG (3)Including Metabolic Efficiency™ principles into your food plan will help you to get you to be your leanest without being on a diet.

Metabolic Efficiency™ is a real food nutrition program for training your body to burn your stored body fat for fuel.

A healthier way to burn fat!  An easier way to race.


Six Pack Metabolic Efficiency Program$ 750 *

  • 6 x 30-40 minute Nutrition coaching sessions – 1 every 2-3 weeks
  • Complete analysis of food diary logs, health history, etc before first session.
  • Review of food diary logs, challenges, progress in each follow up session.
  • Meal Plans and Ideas for all meals of each day for variety and better planning.
  • Meals optimization/ periodization based on schedule, training, work and racing plan.
  • 2 Nutrition Response Testing sessions to optimize supplements.
  • 2 BIA (BioImpedence Analysis) testing for body fat composition Review of initial asssessment and monthly improvements in various health markers between testing.   Additional testing is optional.
  • Unlimited phone and emails included.
  • Detox Plan for Athlete ebooklet ($18 value)

“If you follow the program, you get the results!  This real food lifestyle modification stuff really works.” – Jonathon M

Need more time to pay?  Try the 4 payment plan option at $215 per month.

Want to just start with an initial session?  Go here ($220 includes initial fee + 1 hour session.  NRT and/or BIA testing is not included)

If you follow the plan, you will see results.

If you desire fewer options, please review the Table to Race plan.

NOTE: Metabolic Cart Testing is not included in these plans.
If you want to confirm with testing whether you burn fat or sugar at varying training zones, please get your Metabolic Cart testing done with Dr Michael Ross at The Performance Lab in Bryn Mawr, PA.  It can be done via treadmill or your bike trainer.
Base on the results, I can ‘manipulate’ your nutrition intake to convert you from sugar to fat burner.


 *NOTE: Any unused sessions of packages will be forfeited if not used within 6 months.