Sports Nutrition

Eat To Compete!

I work with cyclists, triathletes, runners, ultra-distance athletes and team sport athletes.

“Joanna helped me with all my race day nutrition issues for Ironman Lake Placid.
She gave me piece of mind when things didn’t go as planned. She was a big help and extremely knowledgeable.” – Selby  J

I customize a program that works for you based on your specific needs.

Each session helps you:

  •  Balance blood sugar and improve meal timing.
  •  Overcome  GI issues, pain and fatigue.
  • Become the master of your own body!
  • Burn fat not sugar to gain increase vitality and performance.
  • Eat more “clean” foods and less processed foods to compliment your training.

Race your best with optimized nutrition!

Joanna changed my world for me!!! I now race with no gut issues!!!”  – Mindy S

Sports Nutrition
Sessions Available

Personalized Nutrition Session Fees (as of 5/2016):

Initial session:
45 minutes – $185
1 hour – $200

Single follow up sessions:
$70 for 30 minutes;
$100 for 45 minutes;
$125 for 1 hour

3 session follow-up sessions:
Buy 3 x 30 minute follow up sessions for $195
Buy 3 x 45 minute follow up sessions for $275
Buy 3 x 1-hour follow up sessions for $360

Race Day Nutrition Strategy session $95 per session
This session will optimize your fuel intake the day before, race day morning and during your race.  Schedule this session the week or two before your event.  Download forms for your session here.

 ‘Wow, now I feel really prepared!’   – Molly M

Targeted Sports Nutrition Packages:

Packages consist of 4 x 45 minute sessions.

Sports Nutrition packages available

Choose from Race Day Nutrition, Anti-Inflammatory Plan, Metabolic Efficiency/Weight Loss Plan or Gluten/Wheat Free Plans.  (see descriptions below)

I followed Coach Joanna’s plan to perfection.
I weighed in yesterday at 148 with 7% body fat..  At 52 …maybe for the first time in my life…I can say..I am ripped…and ready…I usually race at 159 and usually weigh 169.”  –  John Y


Race Day Nutrition Plan:
Perfect for marathon, Ironman and ultra marathon races 4 weeks – 4 months out.
Optimize your meal combinations and timing, recovery meals, getting your body into fat-burning mode, fueling and dehydration issues. Practice in training.  Get to the start line knowing your race day nutrition perfectly!
Download forms for your race day nutrition session here.

Gluten/Wheat Free Plan:
Expand your wheat alternatives including non-wheat grains and root vegetables. this goes beyond rice and gluten-free products.   Wheat free doesn’t have to be that hard!
Great for those with IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s issues.

Metabolic Efficiency = Blood Sugar Management/Weight Loss Plan:
Also known as metabolic efficiency, we focus on balancing blood sugar using real foods with better meal combinations.  Start burning fat not sugar.  We do not focus on counting calories but choice of calories.

We offer Nutrition Response Testing to test if your supplements will make your stronger, or weaker.  (additional $20 to any session).

My clothes fit again!

"It has been less than a week [on the Detox Plan], but I’ve found so much comfort in the lessons about food you’ve taught me through the years and have been amazed at how quickly I’m dropping the weight!! I’m not starving, I have energy, the highs and lows from sugar have stopped, I am no longer craving carbs and, most importantly, my clothes are starting to fit again!!"  DH 2015

This lifestyle change has been amazing

"Hey Joanna,
I know my mom already called you with my good news, but I just wanted to tell you again how happy I am. You have helped me so much already, I've been trying to lose weight for a long time and it's just an amazing feeling that it's finally coming off.

I got off the scale this morning and had happy tears.

The way you have presented the information has been great and I haven't even felt like it's been that difficult. I know these changes I've been making are so much better then any diet I could try- this lifestyle change has been amazing.

I'm even going to a party tonight and have little interest in drinking. Only going to have a glass of wine- which is a big change for me.
Allison P

New PR’s!

In 2012 I was new in the world of triathlons and had completed an Ironman. While it was a great experience, I had major cramping and had poor nutrition throughout the race. I also found myself cramping up in marathons and with a goal of a sub 3 marathon, I knew I couldn't achieved that if race day nutrition wasn't fixed.

I found Joanna through various friends that had used her and recommended her services. We had phone sessions because live quite a distance from her office, but it worked out great.

She made sure to individualize my nutrition plan to fit my exact needs. I completed another Ironman earlier this month and PR'd by over an hour and placed 3rd in my AG and 8th OA female not including pros. My marathon is at a 3:05 but hope to get sub 3 very soon and am confident that with my new race day nutrition, I will!

- Stephanie , January 2013

Thank you for getting ‘back’ on track with the Detox Plan!

detox plan testimonial michele"Thank you for getting me "back" on track with the Detox Plan for Athletes program!!
It's been a long time since I've felt this healthy."  - Michele P

You are that good!

"I would pay you $500 if I had it and know it was worth every penny because -  You're that good."  Taylor G - Olympic rowing team 2015




Expertise and individual attention is key

"I have lost at least 10 pds the past month..I'm happy with the progress and close to having a six pack with my b-day around the corner.  Super stoked!
I want to continue to consult with you as I feel your expertise and individual attention to clients is key."
JM 2015

Joanna changed my world!

"Joanna changed my world for me!!! I now race with no gut issues!!!"
MS July 2015

Her plan is geared towards my goals!

"The diet that has worked best for me and my personal goals is this one. I stay lean, feel great and get an excellent variety of quality foods.
jon madle testimonialI'm very excited for this year and ready to crush any obstacle that gets in my way! #macros #nutrition #bodybuilding #physique #wellness #2016

Call Joanna Chodorowska ..[her plan] is geared towards my personal goals. ... Call her she's great!

Jonathon M

I couldn’t be happier!

"A first for me was completing the HIM distance this season, twice.
I hired Joanna to help me with my nutrition plan and education. My nutrition for both events was spot on, I felt great during both events. Could not be happier with the nutrition results. ..
I highly recommend Joanna services for anyone looking for a great endurance nutritionist. To boot she is a class individual as well.
Thank you Joanna for always being there for me and all your support and education over this past season." DAN B

I am ripped and ready!

" I followed Coach Joanna's plan to perfection.  I weighed in yesterday at 148 with 7% body fat..
At 52 ...maybe for the first time in my life...I can say..I am ripped...and ready...I usually race at 159 and usually weigh 169."
JY 2013

Nutrition was spot on thanks to you!

"ran a trail race - 5 miler - and my nutrition was spot on thanks to you!
Pre race was a sweet potato and half avocado with some sea salt, cup of coffee - 20 min before race had 4 dates - no tummy issues at all!" -Mindy S - April 2014

Awesome Advice

"Thank you for all your awesome advice!!!! ..[Race Day] Nutrition is tough because it can really derail you, but it is hard to practice. I really appreciate your description of symptoms because it is easy to know that there is something wrong, but hard to know the cause and how to fix it. I really appreciate your expertise here and can't wait to Saturday!" Marita M - Sept 2011

She helped me out tremendously

I [worked with Joanna] on three separate occasions on dialing in my race day nutrition. She helped me out tremendously. Gave me a game plan for electrolyte supplementation during the race as well as some ideas on how to break up my nutrition during the bike and run, even more so than I did during my [Ironman Lake Placid} training. Selby Run Course IM usa

She gave me 2 pieces of advice that stuck with me during the race and helped me out. I had a back up plan in the event solid nutrition did not work for me that day (which it ended up not working) and to nix it if something went wrong. She also suggested using coke on the second half of the run. Lastly, she had suggested to keep extra electrolytes with me in the event I needed them.

So after dropping solid foods and only using powder/liquid supplements, taking her suggestions of upping electrolytes if needed and switching the coke to get some calories in my system, I was able to finish with minimal GI issues.

If you think you may need some suggestions on nutrition or want to dial in a race day plan, give her a shout. She helped me and all my issues and gave me piece of mind when things didn't go as planned. She was a big help and extremely knowledgeable.

Thanks Joanna

- Selby J 2015

I followed the plan to perfection

"I followed Coach Joanna's plan to perfection.
I weighed in yesterday at 148 with 7% body fat..  At 52 ...maybe for the first time in
my life...I can say..I am ripped...and ready...I usually race at 159 and usually weigh 169."  -  John Y 2013

Love the food!

I am loving the food on your Detox plan!
My kids love the soups that I've been making from the recipe book too!
- SG 2015

Feeling a lot stronger

thank you again SO much for all this awesome info. I am honestly feeling a lot stronger in my training lately and the heat isn't bothering me at all. I am also cramping less in my runs lately, and really attribute a lot of this to our fixing my constant state of dehydration and I'm just more aware of my fueling during the day since our first session. Just feeling really grateful!  - Sara C 2014

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