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Sports Nutrition Coaching –
Eat better, Train better, Race better!

Nutrition is often overlooked vs. training.  Your nutrition might be what is holding you back from reaching your performance goals.  Having raced 3 Ironman races under 12 hours, Joanna knows about sports nutrition for endurance athletes!  She works with cyclists, triathletes, runners, ultra-distance athletes and non-athletes.
Sports nutrition is missing link to most athlete’s training, recovery and racing success.
Stop guessing what works for you.  Stop trying out plans your friends suggest leading to frustration.
Let Joanna’s expertise help you find the right solution for you.
Stop walking the marathon when you want to run!

Better Performance Using Real Foods

I help create that road map to help you reach your goals sooner.  You will know what to eat, when to eat it and how much of what to eat.  I help you choose between sports nutrition products and real foods, or a combination based on your needs.  I can pinpoint the solution within minutes where it may take you months.

Sign up today for your Race Day Nutrition Strategy session – Get to the start line knowing you are at your best with optimized nutrition for that race/event!

Sports Nutrition Race Day Nutrition sessions - postcardPrograms Available

Personalized Nutrition Session Fees (as of 3/2015):

Initial session: 45-60 minutes (plus $75.00 for initial assessment fee).  $185-200

Single sessions:
$70 for 30 minutes; $95 for 45 minutes;$125 for 1 hour
Buy initial or follow up sessions now:
Buy 1 hour session, 30 minute session or 45 minute session (add the initial set up fee! for 1st session) 

Buy 3 x 30 minute follow up sessions for $190
Buy 3 x 45 minute follow up sessions for $270
Buy 3 x 1-hour follow up sessions for $340
Initial forms are here.  Complete the initial forms, scan/email them back and set up your session.

Race Day Nutrition Strategy session$95 per session (45 minutes)
This session will optimize your fuel intake the day before, race day morning and during your race.  Schedule this session the week or two before your event.  Download forms for your session here.

 ‘Wow, now i feel really prepared!’ after her Race Day Nutrition Strategy Session – Molly M – Sept 2011

Targeted Nutrition Packages:
(see descriptions below) $325 fee for this 4 session package.
Race Day Nutrition, Anti-Inflammatory Plan, Blood Sugar Management/Weight Loss Plan or Gluten/Wheat Free Plans.  $325 (reg $395).    Includes initial session + 3 x 30 minute follow ups.

Sports Nutrition Packages   

Race Day Nutrition Plan:
Perfect for marathon, Ironman and ultra marathon races 4 weeks – 4 months out.  We work over the course of 4 sessions on your overall diet, recovery meals, getting your body into fat-burning mode even when not training, fueling and dehydration issues. We dial in the nutrition while you test it in training.  We take all the guess work out of your race day nutrition!
Download forms for your race day nutrition session here.

Click here to add 6 Nutrition Response Testing sessions to help optimize food and supplement choices for your body. ($180)

Gluten/Wheat Free Plan:
We review wheat alternatives including non-wheat grains and root vegetables. We expand your options of non-wheat grains beyond rice and store bought gluten-free products.  We include recipes that are grain free or with alternative grains.  Gluten/Wheat free does not have to be hard.  We make it easier!  Great for those with IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s issues.
Download initial forms are here.

Blood Sugar Management/Weight Loss Plan:
Are you gaining weight even with all the training?
Do you have diabetes or low blood sugar issues?
We focus on balancing blood sugar using real foods, not artificial sweeteners.  We help your body get to fat-burning mode even when not training.   We teach you healthy carbohydrates to include.  We incorporate a low carbohydrate plan, not a no-carb plan.  We do not focus on counting calories but choice of calories.
Download initial forms are here.

We offer Nutrition Response Testing to test if your supplements will make your stronger, or weaker.  (additional $20 to any session).

Real Food For Real Athletes book is now available.    Real Food For Athletes cover
With over 40 recipes to fuel your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner!

Real Food For Athletes ebook for $15
  (click here for hard copy booklet!)


Joanna changed my world!

"Joanna changed my world for me!!! I now race with no gut issues!!!"
MS July 2015

You are that good!

"I would pay you $500 if I had it and know it was worth every penny because -  You're that good."  Taylor G - Olympic rowing team 2015




I followed the plan to perfection

"I followed Coach Joanna's plan to perfection.
I weighed in yesterday at 148 with 7% body fat..  At 52 ...maybe for the first time in
my life...I can say..I am ripped...and ready...I usually race at 159 and usually weigh 169."  -  John Y 2013

My clothes fit again!

"It has been less than a week [on the Detox Plan], but I’ve found so much comfort in the lessons about food you’ve taught me through the years and have been amazed at how quickly I’m dropping the weight!! I’m not starving, I have energy, the highs and lows from sugar have stopped, I am no longer craving carbs and, most importantly, my clothes are starting to fit again!!"  DH 2015

Expertise and individual attention is key

"I have lost at least 10 pds the past month..I'm happy with the progress and close to having a six pack with my b-day around the corner.  Super stoked!
I want to continue to consult with you as I feel your expertise and individual attention to clients is key."
JM 2015

I am ripped and ready!

" I followed Coach Joanna's plan to perfection.  I weighed in yesterday at 148 with 7% body fat..
At 52 ...maybe for the first time in my life...I can say..I am ripped...and ready...I usually race at 159 and usually weigh 169."
JY 2013

Awesome Advice

"Thank you for all your awesome advice!!!! ..[Race Day] Nutrition is tough because it can really derail you, but it is hard to practice. I really appreciate your description of symptoms because it is easy to know that there is something wrong, but hard to know the cause and how to fix it. I really appreciate your expertise here and can't wait to Saturday!" Marita M - Sept 2011

Feeling a lot stronger

thank you again SO much for all this awesome info. I am honestly feeling a lot stronger in my training lately and the heat isn't bothering me at all. I am also cramping less in my runs lately, and really attribute a lot of this to our fixing my constant state of dehydration and I'm just more aware of my fueling during the day since our first session. Just feeling really grateful!  - Sara C 2014

New PR’s!

In 2012 I was new in the world of triathlons and had completed an Ironman. While it was a great experience, I had major cramping and had poor nutrition throughout the race. I also found myself cramping up in marathons and with a goal of a sub 3 marathon, I knew I couldn't achieved that if race day nutrition wasn't fixed.

I found Joanna through various friends that had used her and recommended her services. We had phone sessions because live quite a distance from her office, but it worked out great.

She made sure to individualize my nutrition plan to fit my exact needs. I completed another Ironman earlier this month and PR'd by over an hour and placed 3rd in my AG and 8th OA female not including pros. My marathon is at a 3:05 but hope to get sub 3 very soon and am confident that with my new race day nutrition, I will!

- Stephanie , January 2013

Nutrition was spot on thanks to you!

"ran a trail race - 5 miler - and my nutrition was spot on thanks to you!
Pre race was a sweet potato and half avocado with some sea salt, cup of coffee - 20 min before race had 4 dates - no tummy issues at all!" -Mindy S - April 2014

Love the food!

I am loving the food on your Detox plan!
My kids love the soups that I've been making from the recipe book too!
- SG 2015