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Nutrition Coaching:  (download your copy of Overall Nutrition or Sports Nutrition brochure)

Joanna designs personalized nutrition programs for her clients. Joanna helps you understand the reasons behind the changes so you can do what is needed and incorporate those changes daily.  You see how foods affect the way you feel.  Joanna helps you every step of the way as your coach!  She helps you make the changes, plan the meals, create a grocery list, create your meals, use recipes, deal with stress, sleep, etc.  Joanna is here to help you succeed.

How it works:
 - You complete the initial forms including 4 pages of food diary logs
 - You scan/email or fax the completed forms to us. Then call or email to schedule your session. 

 - You leave with new foods and ways to eat which meet your schedule and/or race.
Every session, you come with food diary logs, we review them and change another 1 or 2 things. 
Most clients need 3-6 follow up sessions (30-60 minutes) and are 2 weeks apart initially. 

It is a process - there are no overnight results.  We help you learn how your body works with teh foods you eat.   We make your path to healthy easier with a 'roadmap' you can use.

Programs available:**

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One-on-One Personalized Nutrition Coaching Sessions:

Initial Coaching session: (click here for Initial Nutrition Analysis, Cancellation Policy, Health History and Nutrition Client Statement forms.  Please complete all 4 forms prior to initial session.  Fax to 215-393-5397)

Review of Nutrition Analysis Survey completed by client prior to initial visit. This includes a review of current goals, food diary logs, health history and nutritional intake as well as exercise routines. Create realistic goals and timelines to fit your lifestyle and budget. Clients meet once a week, twice or once a month. Each plan is determined during the initial coaching session and will be based upon your goals and timeline. 
Packages also available as are gift certificates.

Current pricing (9/2010)$110 per hour for most services.  $85 for 45 minutes; $60 for 30 minutes.  There is also a non-refundable $75 new client assessment fee for all new clients. 

Initial coaching session including initial assessment review: 60-90 minutes.  
1 hour session now
Follow up sessions: 30-60 minutes
Packages:  3 x 1-hour session packages for $300   (don't forget to add the initial set up fee!) 
3 x 30 minute follow up sessions for $165 (don't forget to add the initial set up fee!) 
Buy 3 x 45 minute follow up sessions for $245 (don't forget to add the initial set up fee!) 

Anti-inflammatory Plan - We help you identify and avoid the foods that cause inflammation, and introduce foods that do not or lessen it. Supplements may be suggested.  Plan includes the initial session and evaluation (1 hour) with 3 x 45 minute follow up session.  $300 per package ($140 savings).  Order your Anti-inflammatory Plan

Gluten/Wheat Free Plan - We help you eliminate wheat and gluten that can cause all sorts of GI discomfort and malabsorption, fatigue, cravings and more.  We teach you which grains, foods and root vegetables you can eat in place of wheat.  You can learn the foods you CAN eat, not just what to avoid.  This 3 month plan is $200 per month and includes initial assessment, 4 x 45 minute sessions, review of food diary logs, menu planning, gluten free foods, grocery store session, recipes and cooking class as needed.  Prepay for Gluten/Wheat Free plan for $550.

Detox Plan! - don't just think about feeling better, start it by eating better.  Get rid of those extra pounds quicker than last year! and keep them off, too.  Some lost 12 pounds in two weeks and 27 pounds in next 6 months with a ton of energy to spare.  Do you want in

Optimum Weight Nutrition Coaching Plan - Initial session + 3 x 60 minute sessions to include food diary analysis, caloric needs, BIA testing, what kind of calories to take in and what source of macronutrients to use (defined per individual needs) and optimum source and quantity of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Race Day Nutrition plan is not included. 
Buy the Optimum Weight Plan now for $330 (reg $420)

Daily Food Diary Worksheets now available for download!

Maintenance plans: select 3 x 30 minute sessions either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.  Special fee of $150 for phone follow-up sessions in this maintenance plan.  Food diary logs still required per session, but motivation is key as well as review of your changing goals - as your life changes, so do your nutrition needs.

Meal Planning Services - bored with what you eat every day?  not sure you have figured out what to eat and when?  then give me your schedule, wake and sleep time, and I will create a meal plan for youI take all the guess work out of it. You just have to follow it.  See the attached flyer to get your schedule to me.  $175 for a weekly menu creation.

Supplement Review - have you bought supplements over the years but have no idea why you started taking them?  Are you using sports supplements and find you are not getting the performance you expected?  Let me  review what you have and help you sort through them so you have only what you need.  
Ask about the
Lab Interpretation Report!! a comprehensive look at your lab values!

Restaurant Assistant - allow me to join you at your favorite restaurant to help you sort thru the menu.  $100 + cost of meal.

Pantry Review - have me look at what is in your refrigerator, pantry and freezer to see what can be replaced and with what.    There are better food options you may not have considered or knew existed.  $150 for 90 min session

Personal Grocery Shopping Assistant - Take your nutritionist with you to help you find the better food options in YOUR grocery store, not just Whole Foods.  Find out where the good foods are and what to look for on the ingredients label.  $90 + travel fee as applicable

Race Day Nutrition Plan - Don't know what you will be using to eat?  When to eat or when to drink?  Having issues of nausea on the run?  Or fading on the bike and/or run? What should I have for my pre-race dinner?   Come in for you Race Day Nutrition session today!  regular rates apply.  Typically 45 minutes.

Learn 2 Cook Series!  - Cooking classes to help you make better and healthier foods at home.  Cooking does not have to be that hard.  We teach you how to make it easy!  Check out classes here.

Have you been diagnosed as obese?  Don't despair!  Take the challenge and lose that weight for good!  This easy-to-follow 6 Steps To Optimal Health program allows you to purchase online, suggests eating regular spaced meals, provides online support, me as your health coach, and success to help shed those unwanted pounds.   Permanently! Take Shape For Life will help you get to your weight goals quickly and easily.  Click here to get started!

NEW:  Make Your Own Energy Bars Class - Saturday Sept 18th or Oct 16th - 3-5 PM
 - tired of spending money on sugar ladened bars that just give you a short lived energy but lasting fatigue?  Try making your own bars so you can get the real food into your bars and include real energy that is long lasting!
 - Ginger peach, spicy chocolate, mango coconut, banana bread, apple cinn and more.  $35 per person, or bring a friend and get the class for $25 for you and your friend!  RSVP at 215-272-6774 or

sept 18th, 3-5 PM oct 16th, 3-5 PM

'Just want to thank you for introducing me a your 2 week detox diet. It has made a huge impact on my life..."  dan g 2010

New Detox Starter Kit by Metagenics - Special $80 (instead of $110 - save more than 20%) for a limited time only!  This will include 1 Ultra Clear Renew shake, 1 shaker cup, AdvaClear supplement for liver support, a bag, and program kit.  See flyer for details.  Order now!

   Metagenics detox kit - supplement special for $80 (instead of $110)

'Just want to thank you for introducing me a your 2 week detox diet. It has made a huge impact on my life. ... This "diet" really worked because it was really easy. Even though this diet is not meant to promote weight lose, I did find myself a few pounds down. ...because of the diet, my normal way of eating has permanently changed. ... I was introduced to a variety of foods that I normally never ate. Now, I have incorporated my detox diet into my everyday food and now I am living. Just wanted to thank you for changing my way of eating and now I am having fun. I highly recommend this to any and everyone because anyone can do it. .... Job well done Joanna.' Dan G - Jan 2010


Health issues addressed with proper nutrition and analysis:

 - allergies: food and seasonal    - stress relief      - chronic fatigue/ adrenal exhaustion
- cholesterol issues     - managing diabetes and blood sugar levels   - IBS issues  - migraines
- PMS related issues    - weight management: weight loss or gain    - healthy nutrition
 - digestive disturbances including gas, bloating and water retention     - headaches   - detoxification 
- arthritis pain   - fibromyalgia    - auto-immune conditions   - chronic sinus issues   - acid reflux
- obesity related issues for both children and adults   - chronic pain    - eczema   - acne

Sports related issues addressed with proper sports nutrition for athletes:

 - quicker recovery    -  race day nutrition       - chronic fatigue/ adrenal exhaustion
- cramping issues     - managing diabetes and blood sugar levels while training  - hypoglycemia 
- dehydration    - weight management: weight loss or gain for optimal performance 
 - digestive disturbances including gas, bloating and water retention during events and training    - nausea on the bike or run 
- finding the optimal nutrition plan for triathlon training vs. racing and which products to use
- race day nutrition for sprint, Olympic, half IM (70.3) or Ironman (140.6) distance triathlons

NEW:  BIA (BioImpedence Analysis) Report - $40
~ Find out your Basal Metabolic Rate, how many calories you burn per day doing nothing, your Total Body Water - Water inside vs. outside the cells, body fat, lean muscle mass, cell health and more.  A great report to help you track your health and weight goals!  Lose the fat, and extra water not the muscle!!

 BIA test and review                                                       

Don't have time to talk with a nutritionist? 

You can use an online program to track calories, exercise and get a menu plan with grocery list!  Take the guess work out of your meal planning!  There are several choices of meal plans including lactose intolerance, diabetes control, low fat or body builder to name a few.  Check out the program today - only $39 for 6 months and $59 for 12.

Create your own account and password and you are on your way back to your healthy weight!

Nutrition Clinics and Seminars
Joanna has worked with health clubs, chiropractor offices, bike shops and running and triathlon groups to offer nutrition clinics and seminars on various topics of interest. Seminars available in 30, 60, and 90 minute segments. Please inquire about specific fees. 
Seminars have been held at Bike Line of Wayne and Doylestown (now High Road Cycles); Keswick Cycle Shop; Team In Training**; Advanced Chiropractic and Spine Center among others.

Topics available:   
Healthy Eating - how to incorporate simple changes into your every day routine.  it is easier than you think!
Nutrition Basics for the Athlete – how to eat for training, racing and recovery without the bonk, nausea or fatigue.
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet - alleviate pain issues by eliminating the
Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete - how to eat for endurance training and racing; what types of foods to include or avoid
Nutrition for the Young Athlete – how to eat healthy for training, racing and recovery for the younger athlete.  basic tips on overall eating
Pre-Natal Nutrition - what nutrients do you need, how much and which foods provide them
How to avoid the winter weight gain in the off season - athletes tend to continue eating as much as they did when they were racing! 
   help determine what your needs are and how to better control your food intake when the training volume is lower.
How to lower your risk of diabetes or high cholesterol with the use of natural foods.
How to overcome chronic fatigue by changing your food habits and your outlook.  Combat chronic stress by including better food choices to help improve your immune system, your ability to cope with stress and get your life back to what it once was - active!
Do You Really Know What You Are Eating? - how to read food labels and really know what is in the packaged foods you choose.  You may start cooking after you hear this!
Real Food vs. Real Convenient Food - How to incorporate real food into your everyday schedule for better health.

      " Unlike other programs that are designed to lose weight and eat healthy, I continued to make strides on my own ~ after the class ended.  Over and over again I see friends and family gain their weight back after stopping Weight Watchers or
      LA Weight Loss.  Your nutrition course gave me the tools to continue on my own and it wasn’t a struggle to
      maintain outside the classroom
                                   -Mary Theresa (February 2006, took 8 Week Boot Camp in October 2005)

** Team in Training members receive a 10% discount on all nutrition services.


To reach Joanna, contact her at 215-272-6774 or by fax: 215-393-5397 or by email:

Health issues addressed with proper nutrition and analysis:

 - allergies: food and seasonal    - stress relief      - chronic fatigue/ adrenal exhaustion
- cholesterol issues     - managing diabetes and blood sugar levels   - IBS issues
- PMS related issues    - weight management: weight loss or gain    - healthy nutrition
 - digestive disturbances including gas, bloating and water retention     - headaches   - detoxification 
- sports nutrition - overall diet issues as well as race day nutrition  - chronic sinus issues  
- obesity related issues for both children and adults   - arthritis and chronic pain