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Why a detox for athletes
Because athletes want to perform at their best, a detox can help the body remove toxins and foods which make us sluggish, slow your reaction time and make your engines run poorly.  I created this Athlete's Detox Plan so that any athlete can do a detox while still training. 
Start in an easy/ recovery week.  (not after race weekend)
You will have adequate protein, carbs, greens and good fats to help recover faster and have energy to spare. Best is you can still train.
 - feel less bloated, less GI distress,
 - have more energy,
 - sleep better,
 - recover faster,
 - perform better,
 - get rid of seasonal allergies as well as food allergies,
and so much more.  This plan can be done several times a year as needed, but every athlete should do once a year!

This is also a great anti-inflammatory plan for those athletes with injuries, or those going into or out of surgery or have chronic pain.  Check out the Anti-inflammatory plan, too!

Athletes Detox Plan -  66-page e-book now available for $15.00! 

  Athletes Detox Plan ebook for $15

Athletes Detox Package - Buy the Athletes Detox Plan or booklet,  and 2 x 30-minute follow up sessions as a Detox Package, save 10%! $165 total cost (regularly $195)

Athletes Detox Package for $165

Have limited time?
Try the 3-5 Day Mini Detox! to get your back to 'normal' after the post race/holiday splurges and indulgences, or get you leaner for an upcoming race. 
3-5 days with exact menus to follow. 34 page e-booklet including recipes! 
Only $10 to order your Mini Detox Plan today! 

Try 3-7 Day Juicing only Plan
The ebook with over 20 recipes to keep you from getting bored with juicing!  You will feel the difference!  NOTE:  This is for juice extracting, not blender recipes.

Juicing recipes for $10


"I like the plan because all the food sounds good and you seem like a “real” person that doesn’t stop her life for a detox.  I don’t feel like I have to eat at home for 2 weeks, life can go on.  I am really looking forward to this and the cooking."  BO 2013

Sign up now  and you will get all the details of the plan to get you started.   Buy the booklet and you don't have to print it!   Do it  when you are ready.  You will feel amazing when you are done!

           Overall, I feel better (physically and mentally) not eating all that junk, and my body is thanking me too :)" -

'Just want to thank you for introducing me a your 2 week detox diet. It has made a huge impact on my life. ... This "diet" really worked because it was really easy. Even though this diet is not meant to promote weight lose, I did find myself a few pounds down. ...because of the diet, my normal way of eating has permanently changed. ... I was introduced to a variety of foods that I normally never ate. Now, I have incorporated my detox diet into my everyday food and now I am living. Just wanted to thank you for changing my way of eating and now I am having fun. I highly recommend this to any and everyone because anyone can do it. .... Job well done Joanna.' DG - Jan 2010

Do you need a Detox?  - complete this questionnaire to find out!  please fax the results to me, too at 215-393-5397.    Interesting article on juicing vs blending!

Detox Cooking Class - Schedule your session!
Review of recipes to include hummus, broccoli slaw, Asian cabbage salad, banana whip, beet salad, green energy drink and other smoothies and juices, too! $25 for 2 hours.  This will get you ready for the detox plan!!  Come join the fun.

"Joanna, your class made this so simple to start. I would never have been able to get everything organized and had a clue what I was doing if I had not seen your demonstrations and partook in your knowledge firsthand. Thanks." -
Denise C June 2010

Detox Cooking class
 $25/person  (please indicate which class date in email or notes section after payment)
" So... 2.4 lbs down after the first week - and I literally was not even trying.  I was eating whenever I was hungry - yay!
 - I'm loving my new, easy, CHEAP lunch options and all my snacks!
Your cooking class was perfect, and I especially liked that I went to it after doing the detox for a week myself.  It was a perfect way to sort of understand whether or not I'm making everything correctly.  for me it's easier to learn after I've already tried something on my own, than it is to try it with no knowledge whatsoever yet!
This is becoming way too easy!  I guess that's a good thing :)  - Dana S 2010

 " Unlike other programs that are designed to lose weight and eat healthy, I continued to make strides on my own ~ after the class ended.  Over and over again I see friends and family gain their weight back after stopping Weight Watchers or LA Weight Loss.  Your nutrition course gave me the tools to continue on my own and it wasn’t a struggle to maintain outside the classroom."                                   -MT (February 2006)