Hydration is essential

I have been working with clients and athletes for years on hydration.  I help them learn the signs of dehydration that apply to them.  Not everyone is the same in their symptoms, but once you know your signs, you realize that hydration is essential to finishing a long workout, … [Read more...]

Do you carb load?

This happens to be the week after TriRock Philly and the week before Challenge Atlantic City races.  And my clients are asking me about the pre-race meal.  At Challenge Atlantic City, and ironman distance race, they provide an athletes dinner two days before the event.  And many … [Read more...]

how do you manage hydration

I had a client who came in for her Race Day Nutrition Strategy Package so we could focus on proper fueling and managing hydration for her upcoming Syracuse 70.3 triathlon.  The point of coming in for the 3-4 sessions, is to optimize the every day eating to help with recovery, and … [Read more...]