3 misconceptions about race day nutrition days before

Over the past 14 years working with athletes on race day nutrition and my own 22+ years as a competitive triathlete, I have read many things (and so have my clients).  I have tested many of the theories and some were right and other were not.  Many make generalizations about what … [Read more...]

My 4 steps to fix GI issues

Whether you are an athlete or not, GI issues are not fun.  When these 4 steps are not taken, your issues can continue or return after temporary improvement.  My 4 steps to GI issues always 'fixes' the issues for good, even the complex or chronic cases. The most common GI issues … [Read more...]

Hydration is essential

I have been working with clients and athletes for years on hydration.  I help them learn the signs of dehydration that apply to them.  Not everyone is the same in their symptoms, but once you know your signs, you realize that hydration is essential to finishing a long workout, … [Read more...]