Why Wait?

Why wait til January to start on a healthier plan? The holidays are always a rough time to get started on a nutrition plan.  But I had more clients this year not wanting to wait until January to get started on a healthier plan.  They wanted to go through the holidays with a … [Read more...]

Is sparkling water as bad as diet soda?

Hey Joanna- I have a nutrition question that's been bugging me, mind if I run it by you?? I'm a diet soda drinker. Despite knowing how bad it is for you, I drink it anyway. My question is- carbonated flavored waters (like clear splash or sparkling ice) are they like drinking … [Read more...]

hard to lose weight? it might be the ingredients

As athletes, we spend the winter hibernating (some of us anyway).  Then we obsess about how we will lose the winter weight in the spring.  There are a number of reasons the body puts on weight - less activity, more 'comfort foods', more 'carbs' and more conveniently wrapped … [Read more...]