Why am i so tired?

sleeping athlete

Why am I so tired? It seems to be a common question I get from new and potential clients.  Challenge is, there are a multitude of reasons for why someone can be tired. Fatigue can be a result of poor sleep, stress, chronic stress, poorly balanced meals, eating the wrong foods, … [Read more...]

I am METS- 1 HMP certified!

I am officially now a Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist - Health and Medical Professions (METS I - HMP for short).  I first got my notification today via Facebook when I was added to the secret METS group (there are only 40 of us including the creator and instructor), then … [Read more...]

How prescription drugs affect athletic performance

How Prescription Drugs Affect Athletic Performance (guest blog) Although most athletes are considered generally healthy, even those in top physical health succumb to illness or an accident that requires pharmaceutical intervention. While drugs may be a quick fix, sometimes they … [Read more...]

Clean out the fridge athletes!

Spring is here, and most people think of spring cleaning to include closets, drawers and maybe even a detox plan for the body!  Athletes have plenty of training clothes that should go, and they probably have plenty of bars, snacks and junky foods that should also go right in the … [Read more...]