Sweet Potato Brownies

sweet potato brownies

Sweet potato brownies - a gluten free, grain free recipe It was a recipe someone had shared with me on Facebook knowing I love everything made with potatoes rather than grains.  Even gluten-free grains can be an issue for me especially brown rice - I get tired, my muscles ache … [Read more...]

A new tool for chronic inflammation

I do a lot of work with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.  It is one of the services I provide so I would like to think I am an expert on that topic.  I just learned of a new tool for chronic inflammation as not all inflammation is bad.  But the chronic one can be!  Chronic … [Read more...]

Buy Farm Eggs

Why buy farm eggs?  There is a difference between store bought eggs and farm bought eggs.  It might be a bit more work to find the farm variety.  I always buy farm eggs whenever possible! The look of the eggs is only part of the difference.  They taste better, they look better … [Read more...]