Table to Race

Compete at your best without GI distress, fatigue or cramping!

Table to Race – adding better foods onto your table to take you across the finish line faster, stronger and ready to celebrate your new accomplishments!

Whether the symptom is dehydration, pain, GI distress, fatigue or inconsistency, the symptoms need to go away so you can reach your training and race day goals.  We’ll review your current nutrition intake schedule to find the cause, and create a new plan step by step so you can enjoy racing again.

The right foods in the right combinations for you will make the difference between crossing the tape at your goals, or walking and struggling to the finish.

“I totally DIED on the bike…  I was totally dehydrated.  But I remembered your advice….did it, and it worked!  I was able to recover and run the marathon!
I cannot thank you enough for your help [at Ironman Lake Placed]!”

eat-to-compete-collage-2 Table to Race  focuses on real food nutrition to resolve your symptoms by finding the cause so you can race better.

An extensive questionnaire, Nutrition Response Testing and my experience as an endurance and elite athlete will guide you to what you can eat, what are your best meal combinations and what is the best timing for optimal recovery and consistent performance without being hungry.

Common symptoms include: Pain, headaches, bloating, IBS, joint pain, frequent injuries, food allergies/ sensitivities, extreme fatigue, poor recovery, cramping, dehydration and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

If you want to race at your best, optimizing your personalized  nutrition with more real food you CAN eat is a key to your success!


Table To Race Program – 4 x 40 minute sessions with testing –  $575

  • Perfect for those training for their first race, Ironman or ultra distance event.
    Race day nutrition is always included as well as every day nutrition.
  • 4 Sessions are either weekly or every other week based on your needs or race schedule.
  • Includes analysis of nutrition over course of day for consistent training efforts.
  • Includes analysis of pre-race meals, training and racing hydration and fueling options. You test recommendations in training.  Follow up sessions review progress, symptom improvements and next steps.
  • 2 x Nutrition Response Testing session to verify optimal product/ supplement use and optimal food options.
    Additional testing can be done at $45 per test.
  • 1 x BIA (BioImpedenceAnalysis) test to confirm cell health, Body fat and Body Composition.  Additional testing is available at $55 per test.
  • Recovery meal composition are also addressed along with meal timing during the week to match training.  Metabolic Efficiency™ principles may be included.
  • Optimize your race day nutrition with real-time progress.

Need more time to pay?  Try the 3 payment option here for $215/ month.

Want to just start with an initial session?  Go here ($220 includes initial fee + 1 hour session.  NRT and/or BIA testing is not included)

What you eat on the table will get you the edge over your competition…and to the finish line tape faster!

If you don’t want to use Gatorade, you can do an Ironman without it!

Click here for returning clients options for sessions.

For those who just want straight nutrition without additional testing, please click here for the Table to Race package without NRT for $450.00