Be Whole

When you want control of your food, your choices, your life…you find it with inner peace and presence.
Show your brilliance, sparkle and glow from inside out!

Find Your Sparkle & Shine From Inside OutAs we balance the inner body through nutrition and release emotional barriers and anxiety, the body finds inner peace and joy.  The symptoms like emotional eating, sabotage, negative self talk, etc release.

You reconnect with pleasure in food, activities and life;  you disconnect from  restrictions as you empower yourself to choose what is best for you and your body – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You reconnect with what makes YOU happy regardless of what others think.
You choose to eat based on what you know deep down inside is right for you.  You connect with your internal guidance system rather than exterior experts in your head.
Find the exercise or movement therapy that makes your heart sing so you make it a priority every day.
Balance your emotions with the foods that nourish your body and soul without feeding your cravings.
You can learn to naturally want healthy food, healthy movement, healthy sleep, healthy positive thoughts, healthy relationships and more.

I created the Be Whole program to review your body as a whole being – body, mind and spirit.

Create your life of peace, joy and fulfillment from inside out without it feeling unnatural.
Be whole, Be your best version of yourself. Create whole body well-being intuitively.

The Be Whole program includes:

  • Holistic nutrition coaching sessions to support the body’s healing ability, restore hormonal and gut balance, and alleviate ill-health symptoms*.
  • The Path To Heal  method to identify and release subconscious emotional barriers, anxiety or stress triggers behind health symptoms.  Gain peace of mind for creating both inner and outer joy.
  • Nutrition Response Testing to identify food sensitivities depleting your body’s energy flow.
  • Essential oils or supplements as needed to naturally correct emotional and physical imbalances.  They work so you don’t have to think about the issue!


Be Whole program:  $750 *

  • 4 x 45 min holistic nutrition coaching sessions (bi-weekly)
  • Complete initial evaluation of food logs, health history, symptoms, etc during each session.
  • 3 x 30 Path to Heal sessions
  • 2 x Nutrition Response Testing sessions (on 1st and 3rd nutrition visit)
  • Copy of Mini Detox Plan ebook ($15 value)
  • Unlimited emails for clarification and support
  • Custom essential oil blend in a roller bottle is recommended  for use in between sessions for support ($20)

Need more time to pay?  Try a payment plan of 3 payments here at $265/month.

Want to add BioImpedence Analysis (BIA)?  Click here.

Single sessions available at special request or returning clients.

  • NOTE:  In this package, sessions can be interchanged.  If you need more nutrition sessions vs energy work, or vice versa, packages can be modified as needed.

  • Symptoms include fatigue, GI distress, headaches/ migraines, IBS, auto-immune issues (Lupus, MS, cancer, etc), inflammation, chronic fatigue/ adrenal exhaustion, GERD/ acid reflux, pain, hormonal imbalances and PCOS.