Anti-Inflammatory Plan

Regain your life and stop the inflammatory response causing you pain, anguish and sleepless nights.

Stop taking 2 Advil every 4 hours, and learn to use food to ease the pain naturally!

Make the connection between the foods you eat and the pain/symptoms.  Empower yourself to choose foods that do not make pain worse.  Learn which foods you CAN eat that do not cause inflammation!

“I am incredulous that this Anti-Inflammatory Plan really worked.  I have no knee pain and am back to running pain free!  Thank you Joanna!” –  Eileen J

Ready to be pain free?
Buy your 4-session plan which includes 2 NRT sessions for $575

Do you have a degenerating hip or kneeArthritis?
Eliminate the pain completely two-6 weeks before joint replacement surgery.  Be pain free with this anti-inflammatory plan.

“I used the Anti-Inflammatory Plan before and after my knee replacement.  I am certain it is what provided me with amazing results and recovery with very little pain.  I would recommend it – it really works!” – Kathy S 

What’s included in the Anti-Inflammatory Plan:

  • Full review of dietary intake and symptom response.
  • 4 holistic nutrition coaching sessions usually 2-4 weeks apart.
  • Analysis of nutrition to identify correlation between food and pain/ symptoms.  Offer alternatives to inflammatory foods identified.
  • Follow up sessions review progress, symptom improvements and next steps.
  • 2 x Nutrition Response Testing session to identify problem foods and safe food alternatives.  Can verify supplementation if needed.
    Additional NRT testing can be done at $45 per test.
  • Unlimited emails and calls for support or questions.
  • Recipes and food guides created for you.


This plan is ideal for those in acute or chronic pain, with an injury, migraines, IBS or auto-immune issues resulting in pain including fibromyalgia, colitis, arthritis or lupus.
A Path To Heal session may be utilized to clear the emotional issues contributing to the pain.

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Download the anti-inflammatory dietary guidelines chart

This plan may include a Gluten/Wheat Free Plan:
We review wheat alternatives including non-wheat grains and root vegetables. We expand your options of non-wheat grains beyond rice and store bought gluten-free products. We include recipes that are grain free or with alternative grains. Gluten/Wheat free does not have to be hard. We make it easier! Great for those with IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s issues.

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