When you are ready to find the reason behind the symptom

“Your an amazing accomplished athlete so you understand what your clients are physically experiencing during training/racing but the thing that puts you above all the other coaches is your nutrition knowledge.” Jerry L

Together we will find the cause of your symptoms on physical, emotional and mental levels.  Together we create your real food nutrition plan to alleviate symptoms.  Nutrition Response Testing is used to identify food sensitivities and energy blocks in the body.

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Holistic nutrition is used to bring the physical body back to balance.
Path To Heal energy work and Essential oils are used to help heal emotions without you thinking about it.

In racing, dehydrating, GI distress, hitting the wall, cramping or throwing up are not what you want to experience on race day or ever.

Stop guessing your way to health and vibrancy!

Holistic Sports nutrition programs to choose from are:

  • Be Whole – using nutrition, energy work and essential oils together
  • Tabe To Race – sports nutrition to help you fuel your race including Race Day Nutrition sessions.
  • Metabolic Efficiency™ – the healthier way to lose weight and teach your body to burn fat for fuel.
    Anti-Inflammatory Diet – because you can be pain free by changing your food.

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