3 Bean Salad

Anyone want some 3 Bean Salad??
Anyone want some 3 Bean Salad??

This past weekend I was invited to make a healthy dish for the local
Tour de Cure event with the American Diabetes Association.  I was thrilled they asked even though I was then not able to ride the event
as I have in the past.  It was a fun day for me, as I was able to interact with more people this way more so than just riding and having my
‘stuff’ on a table someplace.  I was also told by many that this 3 Bean Salad was ‘the best salad on the premises“.  I even had several people come back with friends, or people come saying their friends sent them!  So it must be tasty!

Ingredients for many bowls of 3 Bean Salad!
Ingredients for many bowls of 3 Bean Salad!

Here is the recipe which is so darn easy to make, especially if you use canned beans!  Just open cans, rinse and use (yes, this was a bit tricky at an expo! This is where creativity comes in –
bring a sieve, can opener and bottled water.  Open can, pour beans into sieve over garbage can, rinse with water…done)

3 Bean Salad


• 1 can black beans (organic preferred)
• 1 can pinto beans (organic preferred)
• 1 can garbanzo beans (organic preferred)
• ¾-1 cup celery, chopped
• ½-1 red pepper, chopped
• 1 small tomato, chopped (optional – best in season)
• ½-1 avocado, chopped
• 1-2 clove garlic, chopped or smashed
• 2 tablespoons hemp hearts (optional – to add protein and healthy fats to keep it vegan)
• 1 cup baby kale or baby spinach or mixed greens (see Note below)


It's a big bowl of bean salad!
It’s a big bowl of bean salad!

• ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
• tablespoon balsamic vinegar
• teaspoon Dijon mustard
• 1 teaspoon lemon juice (fresh or bottled but not concentrate)
• Sea salt and pepper to taste
1. In a bowl, combine and toss all ingredients until blended evenly with dressing (see NOTE below regarding greens).

2. Serve on salad, vegetables (broccoli, kale, arugula, diced cucumbers crackers, etc) or in a wrap/ sandwich or with vegetables as a dip.
NOTE:  if serving right way, mix the chopped greens into the bowl.  If making to have for a few days, serve it on a bed of greens.  Once the dressing is on the greens, they wilt and will not last but that day.

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    The bean recipe is awesome, I added lots of vegetables and chicken and a pinch of cayenne pepper to the dressing along with a jalapeño to the mix and it is banging! Thanks

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