Here is list of videos I have created and uploaded to my YouTube page.

Find your best with Nutrition in Motion – interview on Business Innovators Radio

Are your food sensitivities just getting worse?  It may be your but that needs balance.

Does sugar weaken you? Using Nutrition Response Testing to test energy of sugar and you.

Chocolate Green Smoothie

Food for Passion

My Favorite Winter blend of essential oils – Citrus Bliss and Cheer

How Many Ounces of Fluids For an Outdoor Bike Ride?

A New Tool To Fight Inflammation – OmegaGenics SPM Active

Ask the Trainer – episode from OneFortyPointSixMedia

What food is in your bike jersey pocket?

Nutrition is like a pair of glasses.

Breathe essential oil blend uses

How to use turmeric root

Lessen Seasonal Allergy Symptoms – nutrition and essential oils tips

Are you in a Food or Exercise Rut? Some tricks to get motivated again.

5 Things you need to know when choosing probiotics


What is the Path To Heal? And how does it work?