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For products I recommend, see the list below and how you can order directly (some with a discount code).  Consider a Nutrition Response Testing session to verify which supplements would work best for you:

Metagenics – Practitioner only food-based supplements.
Use JChodorowska (case sensitive) for your code to create an account and place your supplement order – multi, omega fish oils, digestive enzymes, probiotics and more.  Always a 100% guarantee!
Try the new Spectrazyme Gluten Digest!

Infinit Nutrition – Custom blended sports drink mixes.  No artificial colors or ingredients. MUD is awesome!
Use code nutritioninmotion to get 10% off your custom blended sports drink.
I also have single packets of Speed for Men and Speed for Women!

Emerson Ecologics – Use 708246 as your code to create an account. You can buy Vega and Amazing Greens here.

Hammer Nutrition – Get 15% off your first order!  I always have Endurolytes in stock!

Vitacost – Get $10 off your first order of $50

doTerra essential oils – Raise your vibration to unconditional love.  Heal your emotions and physical issues using products from nature!  doterra logo only
Plants heal us humans.  Aromatic, edible and topical applications.
Click here to get yours!
Look for the OnGuard, Balance and Athletes Essentials here.

Or stop in for your own private session so we can find what is right for you.
They are very powerful if combined with Path To Heal sessions.  Read why here!

Triathlon related links

Xterra Wetsuits – Based in San Diego, the home of where triathlon was born, Xterra offers the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at the best value. As a global leader, XTerra Wetsuits provide speed, comfort, durability and buoyancy for dedicated triathletes and swimmers.
Use code C-8WEEK for additional discounts.  Wetsuits, speedsuits and inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards for 40% or more off list prices.  It is the wetsuit I prefer and fits perfectly!

Live4Tri – South Jerseys newest triathlon club based in Moorestown, NJ.  For the triathlete that wants company in training, have fun and learn how to get better!  Discounts to members including nutrition coaching by yours truly!

French Creek Racing – Mid-Atlantic’s premier racing and training company offering weekly swim and Open Water Swim  sessions and various races all year long.  Come join the fun!  Make new friends!

Nutrition and Health related links:

Global Institute For Alternative Medicine – get your nutrition certification here!

Vitamix 5200 red is what I have – Get yours and start making smoothies fast!
Get the smaller container, too!  Best thing I ever got for smoothies, mayo, nut butters.

Drug Dangers – Check for dangerous drug interactions for diabetes and other health related issues.

Athletes and antibiotics affects on the body – Check here for side effects associated with antibiotics (from

Drugs and your health – General health information (from

Common diabetes medications information (from

Drugs and Devices – A list of drugs and medical devices

Mesothelioma – Get information and help you need about a lesser known cancer, Mesothelioma.

Other links: – get your spiritual healing while on the go!

Physiology of Inflammation – from Functional Medicine University

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