Here are some of my favorite recipes using real ingredients.
Most are gluten free with alternative grains or with no grains and just root vegetables!
Most will take less than 30 minutes to make.

More recipes are also listed on the blog page.
Please visit the blog for more recipes if you don’t see one here that suits your needs.
Don’t see one?  Email me your main ingredients and I can create one.

Want your recipe to be remade with gluten free, allergy free or just healthier ingredients?  For $20 you can get a Recipe Makeover, click here to order yours.


2 bean salad

almond milk

almond butter chocolate chip cookies

arctic char or salmon on bed of kale

banana whip

Almond Beet Pancakes

black bean hummus

black eyed pea vegan burgers

brussel sprouts salad with dates and pepitas

brussel-sprouts with mustard seeds

cauliflower pizza crust.cracker

cocoa nib mousse

emerald soup

gluten free tortilla wrap

green beans almondine – perfect for Thanksgiving!

green monster drink


JShake anti-inflammatory elixir

kale chips like brad’s

layered roasted vegetable torte

mashed cauliflower with root vegetables

melt In your mouth kale salad

moroccan spinach and chicken

raw vegan pumpkin cheesecake _ vegangela

spinach and chick pea soup – can substitute red beans, too!

sweet potato kale bites

triple chocolate no-bake brownies

zucchini pancakes


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