Welcome to the products page!
Here you will find supplements and products I use and approve of, Nutrition in Motion books, ebooks and clothing or other stuff that just didn’t fit on the other pages!

These are Supplements I like.
See the list below and how you can order yours (some with a discount code):

Metagenics – Whole food based supplements!
Use JChodorowska (case sensitive) for your code to create an account and place your supplement order – multi, omega fish oils, digestive enzymes, probiotics and more.
Always a 100% guarantee!
Try the new Spectrazyme Gluten Digest!  You can eat your wheat-full cake without GI distress!

Infinit Nutrition – Customize your sports/electrolyte drink!  Ask me how!
Use code nutritioninmotion to get 10% off your custom blended sports drink.
I usually have single packets of Speed for Men or Women if you want to try it first!

Emerson Ecologics – use 708246 as your code to create an account.
You can by Vega Sport and Amazing Greens products here.

Hammer Nutrition – get 15% off your first order!  I always have Endurolytes in stock!

Vitacost – get $10 off your first order.  Get your Greens+ powders & bars, and Aubrey Organics products here.

doTERRA essential oils
–  These are “Gifts from the Earth”.
doterra logo only
Plants can support us and our healing – physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Smell the oils or apply on the skin (Note – some oils can be ingested.  Check the label for options.)
Come to a monthly class.  Or call and schedule your own private session to see which oils may be right for you.
Check out the custom blends, too!
Essential oils from DoTerra can be more powerful if combined with Path To Heal sessions.  Read why here!

Books and eBooks:
Detox Plan For Athletes eBook – $18
The 2 Week Detox Plan eBook– $15
Mini Detox Plan eBook– $10

eBooklets available:

Make your own energy bars – $3.00 – 6 ingredients with no fillers.  Just real food bars!
Make your own Soups (in less than 30 minutes!)- $3.00 – Make soups in less than 30 minutes!
Juicing and Smoothie Recipes -$3.00 – Recipes for both juice extractor and blender (Vitamix)
Easy Dehydrator recipes – $3.00 – Recipes for foods to make in your food dehydrator.


Real Food For Real Athletes book is now available.    Real Food For Athletes cover
With over 40 recipes to fuel your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner!






Memoirs of a Hipster – My journey of using the Anti-inflammatory diet, Path To Heal and movement to prepare for hip replacement.
Anti-Inflammatory handbook – coming soon – a reference booklet to help you be pain free 6 weeks prior to surgery, or use after injury!

Messages of Love – inspirational and comforting verses to heal the mind and soul.  A collection of channeled messages from Dr Wayne Dyer, John Roger and others.


If you are interested in Nutrition in Motion tees, I have some men’s and women’s in long and short sleeves.  Call me for details!  Picture coming soon.  But women’s is truly women’s in a cotton/poly blend that is really soft and comfy.  $20 per tee + shipping.

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