Here is a list of articles I have written, or wish I had!  Happy Reading!

Gift of Healthier Living – as seen in Local Living Magazine

4 Health Foods That Are Making You Sick

Get The Junk Out – as seen in DEC Parents Express p 13

Meal Balancing Act

Race Day Nutrition – as seen in Liberty Sports Magazine 2006

Choosing Your Hydration Drink – as seen in Local Living Magazine, 2013

Fight Afternoon Fatigue – as seen in usatriathlon magazine

Cancer – The Cure – recommendation of using an alkaline diet against cancer

Video – Are You Covering Up Your Emotions with Food?

To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse   – as seen in Local Living Magazine

Packing a Better Kids Lunchbox – as seen in Local Living Magazine

How to Start A Healthier Lifestyle – podcast on eHealth Radio

Anti-inflammatory Dietary Guidelines Chart

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