My hip hurt

3 years ago, my hip hurt.

When I had my degenerating hip and hip replacement over 2 years ago, I created an anti-inflammatory protocol to follow.  I was my own test subject.  My hip hurt.  A lot.

My body was out of balance.  My hip hurt and ached.  I woke up every night at 2 AM to pop 2 more Advil and hope to get to sleep again.  My hip would tell me when it would rain and would be cranky all night when temperatures plummeted in winter into the single digits.

In the mornings I was stiff.  I was tired. I was cranky.  But I kept focusing on what I could do and kept riding my bike, swimming and doing yoga.  Movement made it feel better.  But I was walking with a cane near the end of it. woman-with-cane

I started to do Nutrition Response Testing and was able to get the testing done on me.
Wow, did food really make a difference?  I wasn’t entirely sure either.
Could there be a chance I could get off the Advil (which was probably doing a number on my liver).

In 4 months, on the slow track, I was able to eliminate the inflammatory foods for me, get off the Advil and used herbal supplements only for pain management.  I was sleeping thru the night finally!

Then came surgery where 2 weeks before – No supplements, No Advil…..oh, I was going to be in pain!

Or was there a way to be without pain just using food?

If you recall, I did my own Detox Plan for Athletes but added the hyper-anti-inflammatory twist.  Within 2 days, I had no pain.  My hip did NOT tell me when the weather would change.  I was actually energetic although I couldn’t move right.

I learned what my limitations were with certain foods.  Even now, 2 years post surgery, I still don’t eat the inflammatory foods as the side effects now are pain, extreme fatigue, indigestion and stiffness in my joints.   Many would say it is how you just are when you get older.  I am here to tell you that at 50, that is NOT part of how it has to be.

Learn how to live without physical pain.
Start by scheduling a Nutrition Response Testing session.

Or schedule your Anti-Inflammatory Plan session to get started and find out how you can be pain free and get your life back.

Btw, my hip no longer hurts.  Neither of them do!

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