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You did change my life!!  You are a major reason I am where I am. Thank you xo. … Now it’s a way of life. I feel great and would never go back to my former eating habits. I love working out and being healthy.” – Becky P

“Hey Joanna,
… I just wanted to tell you again how happy I am. You have helped me so much already, I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time and it’s just an amazing feeling that it’s finally coming off.

I got off the scale this morning and had happy tears.

The way you have presented the information has been great and I haven’t even felt like it’s been that difficult. I know these changes I’ve been making are so much better then any diet I could try- this lifestyle change has been amazing.

Allison P

“I [worked with Joanna] on three separate occasions on dialing in my race day nutrition. She helped me out tremendously. Gave me a game plan for electrolyte supplementation during the race as well as some ideas on how to break up my nutrition during the bike and run, even more so than I did during my [Ironman Lake Placid} training.

She gave me 2 pieces of advice that stuck with me during the race and helped me out. I had a back up plan in the event solid nutrition did not work for me that day (which it ended up not working) and to nix it if something went wrong.

So after dropping solid foods and only using powder/liquid supplements, taking her suggestions of upping electrolytes if needed and switching the coke to get some calories in my system, I was able to finish with minimal GI issues.

If you think you may need some suggestions on nutrition or want to dial in a race day plan, give her a shout. She helped me and all my issues and gave me piece of mind when things didn’t go as planned. She was a big help and extremely knowledgeable.

Thanks Joanna

– Selby J

 “I found Joanna through various friends that had used her and recommended her services.  I had major cramping and had poor nutrition throughout the [previous] race. … I knew I couldn’t achieved [my goals] if race day nutrition wasn’t fixed.

She made sure to individualize my nutrition plan to fit my exact needs. I completed another Ironman earlier this month and PR’d by over an hour and placed 3rd in my AG and 8th OA female not including pros. My marathon is at a 3:05 but hope to get sub 3 very soon and am confident that with my new race day nutrition, I will!  – Stephanie K

“i wanted to thank you again for your guidance and recommendations. they have really helped me lose weight and therefore become more lean…and i’m ready to take on the ironman!– Andrea R

“…the nutrition training plan was perfect…and the reason it was perfect is because of the coach-client communication!! All the adjustments you made (training & nutrition) were right on! I don’t think many coaches realize when racing a triathlon there is actually 4 events: swim, bike, run, and the most important NUTRITION!! The race day plan couldn’t have went any better.” Jerry L

Your nutrition plan worked perfectly! it’s the only thing that made Ironman Louisville work!’ Gwen P

“[Joanna] has helped me fuel/train for my first Ironman….I’m down about 10 pounds in 2 months (only 30 to go) and she has me really focusing on how to eat in a healthy manner vs. my favorite lunch of a large provolone, pepperoni cheese-steak with cheese fries and 32 oz. coke (not hard to gain 40 lbs doing that!). She is knowledgeable about nutrition and a kick-ass triathlete to boot…” Steve G

“With Joanna’s nutritional advice, my daily energy levels improved significantly. My ability to train intensely for triathlons was also enhanced & I lost 10 pounds as an added bonus!” – Jane Z

Cravings have been a lot less intense, but not totally gone. I do have a ton of energy though so that’s great! – Maureen M