Getting over the Holiday Mayhem

Here it is the first week of January, and many of my clients are rescheduling sessions as they feel they are still stuck in the Holiday eating frenzy.  Getting over the holiday mayhem and getting back to your healthier nutrition plan need not be that hard.  Here are a few tips to make it an easier transition to get back on track to healthy eating.

1 – Breathe.just-breathe
Everything is going to be okay even if you gained a couple of pounds.  When you take the time to breathe deeply, and exhale fully, you can relax more.  When you are less stressed, you will be less likely to binge eat or eat sweets caused by stress.

2 – Focus on what it is you DO want.
It seems like a common issue is that we lose touch with the goals we set.  We get more worried about not reaching the goal rather than keeping focused.  Holidays are behind you.  You did what you did, and may have actually learned how to limit the intake of sweets or foods not on your list of feeling good.  Or you learned you have a weakness in certain situations and need to figure out how to not have that weakness trigger binge eating.

3 – Let go of any
Let go of the mistakes and look at them as stepping stones to learning how to do it better.  This way you do not beat yourself up.  You need not feel guilty about anything you have done.  The worst is to beat yourself up over the misstep or something you ate, or berate yourself for being a terrible person with no will power.  This just triggers feelings of disappointment, which triggers using food to comfort your self shame…..and it basically creates the endless loop of  using food to cope.
It is all okay no matter what happens.  Do not feel guilty.

4 – Focus on what makes you happy.heart-opening-to-love-faded
Again, just stop for a moment, breathe and remember what makes you happy.  And start doing more of those things that make you happy.  It could be art, exercise, riding your bike, hiking, going to the gym, writing, cooking or spending time with friends.  Doing more of whatever makes you happy, will allow for more joy and self love.  The more joy and self-love you have, the more you start to honor your body’s needs and eating better becomes quite easy!

5 – See the beauty in yourself.keep-calm-i-am-beautiful
I know, this past week after the holidays, I was thinking….oh gosh, what happened?  It was only 2 pounds more but I felt like it was significantly more!  I am turning into a mush ball!
I had to get out of the fearful state of mind and remind myself “I am beautiful already the way I am”.  Most people see you as beautiful…you just need to see yourself that same way.  No one notices 2 more pounds.
Let go of the fear, and reconnect with the beautiful person you already are…..and you will notice, your eating will go to choices that honor your bodies needs, not abuse the body with junk food.

Getting over the holiday mayhem and back on track with your health, health goals and regaining vitality is much easier if you follow these steps.

If you need more personalized assistance, you know you can always schedule a call so we can discuss your situation and determine what the next best step is.  If you want to start with a detox plan to get yourself back on track, you can always try that with or without follow up sessions.
If you need something more in depth, consider the Be Whole, or Metabolic Efficiency plans.

If you have other suggestions, please feel free to list them below in the comments.  We can always learn from each other what can be helpful to get back on track!

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