Cold busting cake??

It may surprise you that I am asking that question.  But I saw a writer’s inquiry:

I am looking for verification that this would be a good
alternative to a regular cake and a tasty treat that contains
nutritional benefits and can aid in preventing a cold or flu.

Here is the list of ingredients:

Honey Lemon curd Ginger Maple sugar Blueberries Sugar Flour
Baking powder Eggs Milk Lemons (for zest and juice) Butter

Is there something I can replace the regular flour with that
would help to make this better?

What would you suggest?? Your thoughts??

It just doesn’t seem probable to me that such a ‘healthy’ cake exists.  And honestly, who wants to eat cake when sick??   I usually have no appetite.  The thought of cake makes me nauseous when sick.immune boost foods
Everything we eat either boosts the immune system or taxes it.
Everything we eat either creates inflammation or aids in reducing it.
Everything we eat either gives us energy or depletes it.
To boost your immune system, reduce your intake of inflammatory foods, hard to digest foods, mucus-forming foods and sugar.

Increase greens, anti-inflammatory foods, exercise and get your sleep.  Oh, and add your raw garlic, probiotics and essential oils!

You probably wonder if I actually responded….I did.

Here is my response:

This is NOT going to bust any flu or cold and may make it worse.

Both sugar and wheat are inflammatory, so using lemon curd (which has plenty of sugar), more sugar in the recipe is going to tax the immune system rather than help it even with the ginger and lemon which can be anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.  

You may want to rework the recipe to use dates or maple syrup in place of the sugar. 

I would also recommend using potentially some essential oils like lemon and ginger, or at least use the real lemon and ginger root (rather than the powder).  It will change the flavor, but you may not need to use the sugar ladened lemon curd….

Wheat is also hard to digest which again can challenge the immune system and it can also be inflammatory.

So my recommendation is to use a combination of almond or cashew flour, some garbanzo bean flour with tapioca flour and ¼ cup ground flax seeds.  Bob’s Red Mill has a gluten free flour that is made with these (not flax seed meal) which makes it easier to put together.

Hope that helps! 

If it shows up in an article, I will let you know!immune boosting cake with macha

Until then, I have yet to find any cold busting cake.  You may actually be better off not eating at all sometimes!
But if there is a trick to it like adding raw garlic sprinkles on top, I will be sure to let you know.  If you find any tricks, please let me know in the comments below.

If you are looking for tricks to boost your taxed immune system, schedule a 15 minute call and we can see if we can help you get started on an anti-inflammatory plan.

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