All An Athlete Wants For Christmas Is….guest blog

Thank you for letting me guest blog! Here is an article that was just posted yesterday on blog about helping to keep those holiday pounds from creeping on during the merry season! … [Read more...]

Swim, Bike, Run…Where’s the Nutrition??

As athletes, and specifically endurance athletes, we spend hours upon hours of training to get ourselves ready for our events.  We train before and after work dialing in our training to optimize our abilities.  Sometimes we do great at races, sometimes we don't - and most of us … [Read more...]

every athlete needs a clean out….of the food junk

We are all athletes, working for optimum performance whether at work or out on the roads running and cycling, or on fields playing sports.  To get optimal health, and optimal performance you need to start to look at what foods you put into your body.  Oh, the occasional wine, … [Read more...]

when cut the carbs goes to none at all

i am a nutrition coach and i teach clients to feel better by changing what they eat.  i help them with balancing blood sugar with eating regularly spaced meals, cutting back on carbohydrates or adding more protein, or adding vegetables to their meals.  the key is explaining what … [Read more...]