5 Things to know when choosing probiotics

probiotic strains

Probiotics are not all created equal.  Many tihngs in life are that way.  But with more information, we can make better choices as to which probiotic is right for us.  Here are 5 things you need to know when choosing probiotics: 1 - The strain of the probiotic. Your label should … [Read more...]

3 misconceptions about race day nutrition days before

Over the past 14 years working with athletes on race day nutrition and my own 22+ years as a competitive triathlete, I have read many things (and so have my clients).  I have tested many of the theories and some were right and other were not.  Many make generalizations about what … [Read more...]

How to Fix Worsening Food Sensitivities

4 day rotation diet sample

Food sensitivities are something I used to have.  Before I got my adrenal exhaustion diagnosis in 2000, it seemed my food sensitivities just kept changing.  I would get tested by my doctor with a blood sample, and every time, my sensitivities changed.  I was now eliminating more … [Read more...]