When you feel invisible

sept 24 – messages of love

When you feel invisible, take a deep breath and connect with the feeling in your heart feel the warmth of God inside you feel this heat radiating and enveloping your body and your being Focus on this feeling of love and know that you are not invisible to God this feeling inside your heart is God, it is unconditional love it is always there.love of God

When you feel alone, connect to this spark inside of you hold on to this spark and energy and know that God sees you the angels see you this feeling is the knowingness that you are not alone. You are connected heart and soul to something much greater than your body, your things and possessions or your fears

Connect with this feeling of love and warmth you have inside, and feel you connection to God.
He is with you every day, every step of the way helping you through good times and bad. Focus on this feeling and this connection and you will no longer feel alone for you are never truly alone.

Feel the love
Be the love
Share the love

Your friends, Wayne Dyer, John Roger and Jesus
This is one of several messages that I receive almost daily.  If you would like to receive your own private Message of Love, please schedule a Divine Ego session via The Path To Heal.  These sessions are $35 each.
The messages by themselves are healing, inspirational and beautiful.  We amplify the healing when done within a Path To Heal session.  Each Message of Love offers a message of love to the recipient.

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