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pre race meal plan wrong

Don’t Carb Load

I had a client send me his pre-race plan that was given to him by his trainer.  He asked me to review and let him know how to adjust it if were not 'right'.  First off, your trainer or coach is usually not a nutritionist or nutrition coach although they may know a bit about nutrition. Secondly, carb-loading is no longer recommended for your pre-race meal unless you want to start the race … [Read More...]


Success and Failure

Success and failure depends on your outlook. As a competitive athlete, there is a fine line between between both and you need both to learn.  I can use the same analogies as a nutrition coach as we work on changing eating habits, you need some practice (maybe a lot) to get the hang of it. You have successes. You have failures. How we still find fun in either is really the important part.  Success … [Read More...]

aquathon 2015 with linda

Compete rather than complete

As many of you know, I have been a triathlete for over 20 years.  I competed a lot.  Triathlon, 5K, half marathon, half Ironman, full races.  It was fun to compete.  I was never there just to complete but race.  The past few years...not so much. Well, not at all. As my hip injury turned into a degenerating hip condition, I left the world of competing to a realm of focusing on what I could do.  … [Read More...]

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