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andrew gillman philly tri 2014

You changed my life

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Gillman of Boulder, Co for almost a year. We decided since he keeps telling me "you changed my life", 'You are the best nutritionist ever" and other superlatives, that it would be a great idea to do a Q & A session via phone. So we did! Our mutual friend Emily Wright connected us. And after countless whining about his stomach issues, she … [Read More...]

steakn salad

Yes, I do eat meat

I somehow give people the impression that because I am eating healthy, I must be a vegetarian. I am hosting a potluck next week, and have already gotten many calls asking if I were vegetarian. One email I got wrote: "I am trying to think what to bring. and normally I bring a meat dish... It seemed to me you were very vegetarian." Yesterday I was asked to my boyfriend's neighbor's for dinner, … [Read More...]

no right or wrong

Right or Wrong

I work with athletes and non-athletes who are trying to eat healthier every day.  With my help, they don't get a list of right or wrong foods, they get a list of foods to choose from based on a category.  We build meals based on the categories not based on if a food is right or wrong!  We create meals that make you feel better, not foods that make you feel guilty, right or wrong. I get asked in … [Read More...]