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How many fluids on winter bike ride?

I had a client ask me this week "How many fluids should I be drinking on my winter bike rides?"  So I created a video to answer the question!           How many fluids do I need riding my bike? Just click on my name below and see the video. Posted by Joanna Chodorowska on Monday, February 8, 2016 If you have sports nutrition questions, please send me an email, and I will do my best to answer … [Read More...]

These are farm eggs bought locally.  The color alone is a giveaway that they have more nutrients!

Buy Farm Eggs

Why buy farm eggs?  There is a difference between store bought eggs and farm bought eggs.  It might be a bit more work to find the farm variety.  I always buy farm eggs whenever possible! The look of the eggs is only part of the difference.  They taste better, they look better and have more nutrients in the farm eggs.  From another page, farm eggs from you local farm have more essential fatty … [Read More...]

overweight cyclist holding belly

Off Season Nutrition

It is now December.  This is the off season.  Most of the triathlon races are over.  The holidays are upon us.  And you wonder what to do nutrition wise in the off season so you don't put on weight!  Or maybe this is the time to really focus on your nutrition so you can lose weight or rather not gain weight.  Nutrition is really a year long activity.  We just change the focus on what we want to do … [Read More...]

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