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hydration you're doing it wrong

How to cool off

I have a client who I have been working with on Race Day Nutrition over the past 4 weeks for their first Ironman Coeur D'Alene.  It has all gone really well in training and they feel confident about the nutrition part of the race.  But now the forecast calls for 95-103 degree temperatures! How to cool off becomes the biggest challenge of the race especially when it is a 10-17 hour event! It … [Read More...]

triathletes fueling plan

Should I drink what is on the course?

Question:  "Should I drink what is on the course?" My answer:  "Yes and no." I work with many triathletes training for Ironman and half Ironman races.  Race day fueling can be challenging to figure out.   This is a question I get often.  I was asked this question this weekend while I was doing a nutrition talk for a triathlon club. "Should we use what is on the course?  Is that a good … [Read More...]

I can eat anything...i just rode 70+ miles!  Right??

nutrition should match training

Last week, one of my triathlete clients said 'if you spend 15 hours per week training, you need to spend adequate time on nutrition' and planning your meals.  I could not agree more.  How many athletes do you know that spend hours training, and just wing it when they eat? 'I am training, so I can eat anything'.  They also seem to complain they are not reaching either their weight goals or race … [Read More...]

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