Sports Nutrition

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Healing with The Path To Heal

Many of you don't know that I do some energy healing.  It is called The Path To Heal. The Path To Heal never ceases to amaze me (or clients) at what it can do. Each session I have with clients, there are new insights and lessons to be learned -not just for the clients but for me as well. Here is one I posted on FB: "Just had an amazing Path To Heal session with a client. Wow, identifying … [Read More...]

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How many carbs while training?

I was at a Bikram Yoga class last Sunday and I saw an athlete who had attended a sports nutrition lecture I had done for their club last year. We exchanged pleasantries and he asked me “How many calories should I be taking in on the bike from carbs?” I would love to give a simple answer, but it depends on how you are eating as to how many calories you can take in. When I work with clients, I … [Read More...]


Morning Green Monster Smoothie

Last night I did the Detox Plan Cooking Class.....and we made some really great stuff: - gluten free tortilla wrap (more like a crispy flatbread) and so good! - roasted carrot and ginger soup (which is what distracted me from the roasted beets - so I had burned to a crisp beet slices instead. drat) - veggie flatbreads with avocado slices - hummus with garlic and rosemary (you will never … [Read More...]