Sports Nutrition

protein smoothie in vitamix after

Green Protein Smoothie

I just had a birthday, and bought myself a Vitamix Blender.  Too bad they don't have purple, but red is the next best color, right?!?!  One of my sisters sent me a protein smoothie recipe and so I finally decided to make it this morning for a recovery meal after I rode the bike trainer for 90 minutes.  Although it has a cup of greens in it, it is not really looking like a green protein smoothie!  … [Read More...]

moths flying to light

Like moths flying to the Light

During one of my Path To Heal sessions last week, it came to me that we humans are much like moths.  We like to fly to the light.  The Light is what we are attracted to, just like moths fly to the Light.  When we shine our Light for others to see (and feel) it, we draw people to us in both our personal and business lives. During one sessions, the 10th dimension came up which is all about 'Why … [Read More...]

flatbreads w avocado

Sweet Potato Crust or Cracker

I get questions regularly for gluten free recipes.  I usually try to find ones that are also grain free and made with root vegetables.  I do this mainly because I cannot eat brown rice.  And most gluten or wheat free recipes are made with brown rice.  For me, brown rice is inflammatory, so I would prefer to not eat it if I don't have to!  It makes me very, very sleepy! I also try to make the … [Read More...]