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Do you plan meals?

When working with clients, we talk about meal planning.  Do you plan your meals?  If not, you can get caught off guard and starving....which will curtail almost any desire to eat healthier.  When starving, you choose almost anything you can get your hands on.  And probably eat more than you should wolfing food down and feeling like a bottomless pit.  Meal planning does not have to be that hard.  … [Read More...]


Vegetable Flatbreads recipe

I have a problem. I like to eat healthy. I like to make my own food....most of the time. I can find time a couple of times a week to make homemade treats, like vegetable flatbreads. Tried them on BF the other day to help him have healthy snacks at work.  And by golly, he really liked them! bonus! So I made my vegetable flatbreads or crackers in the dehydrator yesterday afternoon when I had … [Read More...]

protein smoothie in vitamix after

Green Protein Smoothie

I just had a birthday, and bought myself a Vitamix Blender.  Too bad they don't have purple, but red is the next best color, right?!?!  One of my sisters sent me a protein smoothie recipe and so I finally decided to make it this morning for a recovery meal after I rode the bike trainer for 90 minutes.  Although it has a cup of greens in it, it is not really looking like a green protein smoothie!  … [Read More...]