Athletes need real food energy when training -
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Real Athletes + Real Food = Real Results
Helping Every Athlete (and non Athlete) Perform Better
Using Real Food Nutrition!

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I help athletes
finish feeling strong without dehydrating, bonking, hitting the wall, cramping or throwing up.
I also help you use real food to lose body fat and reach your goal weight without restrictive diets plans.
Stop guessing your way to the finish line, and set up your Race Day Nutrition Strategy session today.

I also help athletes and non-athletes with pain.  It can be from an injury, auto-immune issues, arthritis or degenerative condition.  I can make the pain go away using foods with an anti-inflammatory diet.  It really does work - I did it!

Choose from these packages - Race Day Nutrition Strategy, Blood Sugar Management Plan, Anti-Inflammatory Plan or Wheat/Gluten Free Plan

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She uses Nutrition Response Testing to identify sensitivites and inflammatory foods to help create a better plan for your body and help the body heal.  Add this to any plan or test your supplements to see if they are working for you.

Joanna helps you understand how your body works with the foods you eat.  She helps you make the connection between the foods you eat and your symptoms.
She helps you understand why to eat a certain way and feel the difference, not just what to eat and when.  Real food is best. 
There is no good food/bad food list, just realistic choices that make your body feel good.

Sign up for your nutrition package now, and get started on your path to health without pain, suffering or fatigue.

Choose your Nutrition Package  

The Real Foods For Athletes ebook is now available!  Purchase yours now

 $15 for Real Food For Athletes ebooklet

As an athlete herself, Joanna understands those needs and how to overcome nausea, dehydration, cramping, adrenal fatigue, chronic, acute or chronic pain and poor recovery to name a few. She works with both athletes and non-athletes to help build a better foundation using real food.
Joanna has experienced most issues that people she sees have.  She gets it.  She knows how to fix your issues that others have not been able to fix.
Pick your nutrition plan and Get Started today!

Specialties include:
Helping athletes and non-athletes burn body fat and gain muscle, eliminating cramping, fatigue, GI issues like IBS, muscle soreness, and incorporating anti-inflammatory, gluten free and/or allergy free plans for pain management from arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lupus or injuries. 

How to Start on a Healthy Lifestyle - listen to the podcast of my interview.

A Personalized Nutrition Plan

As your body and schedule changes, your nutritional needs change.  
Increase the stress and training load - change the food to an alkalizing plan;
Increase training/decrease activity (taper) - change the food combinations and intake;
Injured, have arthritis or pain - add an anti-inflammatory plan. 
Each person is different, so a personalized nutrition plan helps you feel better now, train more often and be a healthy athlete for years to come. 
We work with non-athletes, too :)

We use Nutrition Response Testing
to help identify allergic components, inflammatory foods (to you) and toxins, and
help your body heal naturally!  We can also identify if a supplement is working for you or making you weak.  We can correct it and make you strong!

Personalized nutrition coaching can help you improve your performance and your quality of life. Get Started today!

*NOTE:  We are NOT in network with insurance.  We can provide a bill for reimbursement, but payments shall be made in full at time of service rendered.  Please check with your insurance provider before you come in to see if services will be covered.

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"I am loving how I feel!  ... The best part for me is that I'm not craving all of those processed carbs like I was when I first started. I am also definitely sleeping better without the 6+ cups of coffee a day. I really do feel great..." - Lucy E Nov 2011